Welcome to the Corrective Service Status web page

Enter the corrective service order number that you would like to get the latest status for. An example of a Boulder CCSS order number is: Bnnnnnnn and a Dublin order is: Dnnnnnnn where the nnnnnnn are numeric digits - or - if the corrective service order number is unknown, enter your 7 digit customer number (nnnnnnn) - or - enter your 9 digit order reference COER# number (e.g. SHOPZ Unnnnnnnn or Habanero order# Hnnnnnnnn) for a list of active order numbers.

There is a scheduled system maintenance window between 12:01 AM to 06:00 AM on Sundays. Orders may not be accepted or processed during this maintenance window.

Shipping carriers will attempt to provide tracking information on their web sites within 24 hours of your order being successfully shipped from IBM.

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