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PACKAGE: Fix Pack 23



General package notes

Fix Pack 23 provides updates to Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) 2.1.0 installations. Applying this package will upgrade the VIOS to the latest level, V2.1.3.10-FP-23.

Review the list of fixes included in Fix Pack 23.

To take full advantage of all the function available in the VIOS on IBM Systems based on POWER6 or POWER7 technology, it is necessary to be at the latest system firmware level. If a system firmware update is necessary, it is recommended that the firmware be updated before you upgrade the VIOS to V2.1.0.

There is no migration path from an HMC-managed VIOS to an IVM-managed VIOS. Fix Pack 23 includes the IVM code, but it will not be enabled on HMC-managed systems. Fix Pack 23, like all VIOS fix packs, can be applied to either HMC-managed or IVM-managed VIOS.

Fix Pack 23 updates your VIOS partition to ioslevel V2.1.3.10-FP-23. To determine if Fix Pack 23 is already installed, run the following command from the VIOS command line:

# ioslevel

If Fix Pack 23 is installed, the command output is V2.1.3.10-FP-23

Installing the fix pack

If the above procedure shows that the VIOS Fix Pack 23 is not installed, use the following installation instructions, which you can also access from the Installation instructions tab.

Fix Pack installation instructions

Note: After you install the Fix Pack, you must reboot the VIOS Server.

New function and enhancements

VIOS Fix Pack 23 provides the following changes, new function and enhancements.

Changes for Linux

Other enhancements

For more information, refer to the Advanced Power Virtualization RFA 45751 or IBM United States Software Announcement 207-269 at this location: IBM System p Virtualization - The most complete virtualization offering for UNIX and Linux.


Fixes in Fix Pack 23 (VIOS V2.1.3.10-FP-23) include:

For other fixes included in this Fix Pack, refer to the Cumulative fix history for Version 2.1.

Known issues and limitations

Known issues in this fix pack include:

Downloads and other options

You can choose one of the following options for obtaining Fix Pack 23.

Fixpack options Description
Retrieve the latest fix pack via FTP You can download the Fix Pack 23 filesets by using an anonymous FTP process. Follow the instructions below to download via FTP from the command line. To ensure a successful download, use the FTP binary subcommand:

Name: anonymous
Password: ftp
ftp> cd software/server/vios/fixes/fixpack21310fp23
ftp> lcd <directory>
ftp> binary
ftp> prompt
ftp> mget *
ftp> quit
Retrieve the latest fix pack as four ISO images

Fix Pack 23 ISO Volume 1
Fix Pack 23 ISO Volume 2
Fix Pack 23 ISO Volume 3
Fix Pack 23 ISO Volume 4
Download the Fix Pack 23 ISO images. You can burn these ISO images onto CDs. After downloading the files, you can run the cksum command against them. The output of the command should be as follows for each image:
 179361336 668696576 u834197.v1.iso
1722213668 642351104 u834197.v2.iso
2709089912 489914368 u834197.v3.iso
4029034443 627179520 u834197.v4.iso
Retrieve the latest fix pack as a DVD ISO image

Fix Pack 23 DVD ISO image
Download the Fix Pack 23 DVD ISO image. You can burn this ISO image onto a DVD. After downloading the file, you can run the cksum command against it. The output of the command should be as follows for this image:
633043196 2418606080 u834197_dvd.iso
Order Fix Pack 23
on removable media
You may order the fix pack on removable media through the Delivery Service Center. The order site requires you to sign on with an IBM ID. You will receive the media in several days.

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